Checking email away from the office

Open your Internet Browser on your computer.

In the address line type, “” and click go.

If you see a Security Alert window, click yes.

When prompted for your login credentials, you will see one of two screens that you will need to enter information. Please use the correct format from the examples below.

 Two field login:

Username –

Password – your email password

Three field login:

Username – jdoe

Password – your email password

Domain – sms

Note: Your email password is the same as your SharePoint password. If you don’t know what this password is, you will have to call the IT Helpdesk.

o       Please do not share your password with anyone.

o       Always verify that an email is from someone you know.

o       NEVER open an email attachment if you don’t know the sender. If you are unsure of the sender delete the email immediately.